Privacy Policy

Who we are

Ayrshire Business Women (ABW) is a membership organisation that supports and links businesswomen across Ayrshire. ABW was founded in 1994 and is organised by a committee of volunteers. Our multi-award winning membership meets every month in venues across Ayrshire, and beyond.

Examples of personal data include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone / Mobile number
  • Email Address
  • Social Media links
  • IP Address
  • Photographs

Data Controller

ABW is the data controller. This means it decides how your personal data is processed and for what purposes.

Why do we need to collect and store personal data?

In order to become a member, we need to collect personal data for correspondence purposes, to register and create an online member profile and also to deliver delegate lists for networking events.

Your online member profile is openly shared in the public domain on our membership website.

We are committed to ensuring that the information we collect and use is appropriate for this purpose and does not constitute an invasion on your privacy.

How we collect your personal data

The information we collect about you comes from:

  • Online and/or offline forms you have completed, including registration details
  • Letters and/or emails that you have sent to ABW
  • Surveys you have completed


ABW uses four different cookies to provide functionality that leads to an improved user experience. None of these record any personal information about our visitors.

First Party Cookies (placed by ABW)

Google Analytics
We use Google’s Analytics software to monitor user behaviour in order that we can identify on-site issues and keep delivering content that is of interest to our visitors.

Session Cookie
We use a session cookie to monitor when a user is on our site. This is deleted when the visitor leaves the ABW website.

Third Party Cookies (placed by others)

Google Maps
There is a map on our contact page which places a cookie before it renders. This cookie is placed by to help their maps system function appropriately.

Twitter & Facebook
The social media stream at the foot of the homepage and within the news page brings users the latest from our Twitter & Facebook streams. Twitter & Facebook places a cookie to allow this system to function properly.


How will we use your data?

We collect information about you in order to register you as a member, to email you about ABW and/or member news, any activities we think you might be interested in and to provide information about ABW events - including event delegate lists.

You have an option to ‘opt-out’ of our mailing lists add any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link within the email footer. 

ABW will not share your information with external companies, third parties* or marketing companies.

If you have opted to become an affiliate member of the Association of Scottish Business Women (ASB) through your AABW Membership, we will us the information you have given us to set up your membership account. The information will be visible on the ASB website. This is the only occasion we will share your information with a third party. 


Data Retention

We retain your information for no longer than necessary, taking into account any legal obligations we have and our legitimate interests as an organisation.

Access to your information and options to deletion

Whilst we encourage you to share your business and contact details, you have the control to hide your email and phone or mobile number from public domain at any time. This can be controlled through the member dashboard once logged into the ABW website.

Please email to request the deletion of your personal data held by Ayrshire Business Women.


Contact Details

Contact out Website Administrator on for any information in regards to your personal data.