Shirley Lane

Shirley Lane Hypnosis


After 24 years in the corporate world my life took a twist and through covid I was made redundant.   I took the time to get 'me' back and I retrained in retrained as a Hypnotherapist - then completing 380 hours of CPD within a year I am now a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I knew I needed to give back to the world, help people live thier own definition of their best life - whatever that looks like.

We all carry round so much baggage from our childhoods that are still impacting our lives - that could be manifest physically, emotionally or mentally.

Although I still feel like I am serving my apprenticeship, the work I have been doing is immense - mostly childhood trauma - and the thrill of seeing clients lives improving will forever be thrilling.

I have put a few of my testimonials onto my website - please go have a wee nosy!

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