Patricia Elliot


I'm a Professional Speaker, Scottish-based highly popular author of academic and self-help, self-educational books. I have a rich and diverse background with university degrees in music, law, psychology, and education. However, what I value most is my degree from the University of Life. I am sought after as a personal development Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Blogger, Vlogger, Mentor, and Podcaster. I am proud to be the Winner of various business awards, including Spirit of ABW 2024. Some 20 years ago I founded Mindcircles to provide wellbeing products and services to help motivate, empower, support, inspire, and encourage everyone to be the best person they can be.  Understanding the importance of mental and emotional health, I developed proven psychologically effective techniques called my ABC which if used regularly to become your good habit will improve your mental, emotional, psychological, and overall wellbeing. My ABC helped and continue to help me through the challenges of life, the most challenging being the loss of my gorgeous eldest son to suicide. I wrote about my experience of loss in The Weight of Emptiness: Comfort and Hope for the Loss of a Loved One which also includes stories shared by others on their experience of losing a loved one. I believe sharing is caring and helps healing. I did regular YouTube videos during 2019-2021 to inspire and uplift during what was the most challenging time. I continue to share videos regularly to inspire and motivate. Some of my videos called ‘Pat’s Pup Pootles show me walking in nature with my family’s dogs. Whether you like dogs or not, the purpose and my aim of sharing such videos is to promote how walking in nature puts a new perspective on everything and is excellent for your wellbeing. Remember also to smile and laugh, they cost you nothing. I am dedicated and passionate about helping others to realise their true potential and navigate life’s challenges. I know it’s challenging having your own business but my inspirational motto is ‘Never quit. Learn from your challenges. See challenges as opportunities. You gain your greatest strengths from your greatest challenges’. One of my professional speaking commitments is as a Funeral Celebrant: a testament to my versatility and willingness to explore new avenues for making a positive impact on people’s lives, even in moments of profound loss. I am open about my own experiences and have an unwavering optimism about inspiring others in the world of personal development and well-being.

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