Melanie MacIntyre

Mel MacIntyre Coaching

Women's Leadership Coach
My mission is to help female leaders and business owners to embrace who they are and celebrate what makes them unique - to redefine success in a way that allows you to live your life and run your business exactly as you want to. This means letting go of secret self doubts, overwhelm and procrastination to have a more fulfilling, balanced and easy life and business which enables you to live into your full potential. 

This is how we change the world and make our life our legacy. 

As the only coach of my kind in Scotland, I do this through sharing proven performance strategies, connecting you with your unique purpose and providing exact step by step processes and strategies to follow so you change your habits and gain the clarity needed to develop deeper confidence, self belief and powerful authenticity.  And maybe you also decide to change the world for the better - just by being YOU brilliantly. 

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Mel MacIntyre Coaching
I would love to offer all members a 15% discount on my coaching programmes and a FREE Strategy Session to create your unique, action plan to give you more clarity, confidence and fulfilment in your life and business.
Mel MacIntyre Coaching
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