MaryElen Mcphail

Oshay’s FASD

Maryelen and Paula Mcphail are the founders of O'shays. We are FASD educators and advisers for Professionals, Schools, Parents and kids to educate people on what FASD is and how this affects everyone around them. We are passionate about helping families and professionals work or stay with individuals with Brain Based Disabilities to feel confident about being supported by providing a library of resources and a sense of community so they are empowered in supporting these individuals and advocating on their behalf. Where does our education come from? I am a parent of 6 children, 3 have FASD, I am also a foster carer and have fostered over 50 kids in my time. I am pretty sure a lot of my kids may have had FASD, I bring over 24 years experience. Paula is my daughter who has FASD, she brings her knowledge and strengths to tell others on how she has lived with FASD, Come and listen to her story!! It has a happy ending. We are offering Sensory Classes, Fussy Eater Classes, Messy Play Classes, Makaton Classes and many more to Babies, toddlers and school age kids, with FASD and other Brain Based Conditions.

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