Mary Blyth

Blyth Accountants Limited

I am an accountant, business consultant and advisor who specialises in financial accounts, business mentoring, financial planning and advising clients on ways to save on tax. I am the person that will visit your company and sit with you to make a plan for future operations, whether it be building a solution to make your business more efficient, or planning ways on company growth and expansion. I am a fully qualified accountant with ACCA, with many years of experience, coupled with many years of business experience under my belt, so I really know what I am talking about!

My main focus areas are:

  • Preparing and filing annual financial accounts soon after the company year-end date so we can focus on the current year financials to make informed decisions on.
  • Tax advisory and efficiencies.
  • Management consultancy - budgets and cashflow forecasting; commentary on P&L analysis and advising on trends.
  • Business support and advisory; mentoring; setting company structure.
  • Introducing effectiveness and efficiencies within businesses and taking it to full implementation; cost and time savings.

About Me:
I am highly regarded within the accountancy profession offering great business efficiency, advisory and guidance. My main aim is to ensure that my clients are given the right advice at the right time, just like your very own business mentor. I come with 30+ years of business and accountancy experience. I are not just the 'norm' for the accountancy profession and sector. I realise advisory is the thing of the future and with the best advice provided at the right time is the best business solution for growth and survival.

Let's meet! Let's chat! Let's do business! :) 

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