Margarette Bryan

Roxburgh Consultants

Retail Consultant
Through my business career and involvement at committee and Board level, I identified the need to improve the lives of individuals, local businesses and the community. Through my tireless dedication  I contributed to North, East and South Ayrshire business, charities and colleges. I have worked in various industries but mainly in the Scottish textile manufacturing industry business and across charities, involved at Board level and committees. I continue to be an ambassador for businesses across various industries, promoter and fundraiser for many charities and a lifelong member of Association of Business Women (ABW), supporting them in achieving the Best Affiliated Group in 2018. I have won various awards, including, Employee of the Year (2015); Special Commendation (2016); Outstanding Contribution to Association of Business Women (2016); Professional of the Year (2016); Ayrshire Business Women of the Year (2016 & 2017); Appointed Honorary Member of Association of Business Women (2017);  Spirit of Association of Business Women (2022); culminating in the Lifetime Achievement Award by Association of Scottish Business Women (2023).I instigated a Growth Scholarship Mentoring Programme for ABW to not only increase awareness and membership of this worthwhile association but for those completing the programme,  providing recognition of their business and opportunities for growth. I am determined and dedicated to all that I do. I am valued and respected for my openness and fairness. I am proud of the ability I have for making genuine connections with individuals from all walks of life. I am known as the ‘go to’ person for finding the right individual, business or information require to achieve success.

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