Jane Mason

Crofthead of Gree

Crofthead of Gree Limited was started in March 2017 and has two strands to the business. One strand is the Consultancy part of the business for which I have a part-time contract with an Educational Trust. The Consultancy work at the Educational Trust is directly related to the work experience I have from the past twenty years, mainly across the skills and learning sector. I have the overview for managing an Educational Trust, this includes all aspects of the application process, administration, working with the beneficiaries and preparing papers for the Trustee and Grant Committee meetings. Meetings are normally twice a year in London. The other strand of the business is a Flower Farm. The Flower Farm is an area I don’t have as much experience in but I have a passion for horticulture and floristry. The past year has been a trial year to ensure that the flowers grow, the seasonality of the flowers taking into account the location of the farm and also how long they actually last after having been cut. The main vision for the Flower Farm is to provide locally grown flowers and foliage to florists and wedding venues across the West Coast of Scotland and to provide flower workshops using the flowers and foliage grown on the farm at Crofthead. I received funding from Ayrshire Leader in 2017 as part of their farm diversification programme to develop the groundwork, build a polytunnel and initial marketing of the Flower Farm. Both the Consultancy contract for the Educational Trust and the Flower Farm are based from my home which gives me the opportunity to maximise my time as I develop the business.

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