ABW Nominated Charity of the Year - 2022

Each year, the members of Ayrshire Business Women choose a Nominated Charity from the local area to receive the proceeds from donations and local fundraising initiatives.
The Nominated Charity for 2022 is Ayrshire Hospice!
Kirste Johnston, Sector Head Scottish Government, for Vodafone UK has confirmed that Vodafone will provide match-funding for the total donations raised this year up to £1750 which following fundraising a further application will be submitted in 2023 and transfer by the Vodafone Charites Aid Foundation to the Charity Direct.
“Vodafone will be delighted to submit a fund-matching application and to help with fundraising activities in support of ABW’s chosen charity throughout the year ahead. We are proud that this shall be the fifth year in a row, that ABW have our Vodafone fund-match application support. The work done by Ayrshire Hospice is critical in supporting our local community."
Odette Landsburgh, Senior Corporate Fundraiser with Ayrshire Hospice Capital Campaign, said "This is wonderful and timely news as this week, we launch the public phase of our Capital Campaign to build a new hospice fit for the future. This £13m
Capital Build will enable us to revolutionise our built environment, improve our level of care for both patients and families, reinvigorate our educational and community access facilities and provide a hub of expertise which equally importantly allows us to expand our reach to all Ayrshire and Arran residents who wish to remain in their own homes to receive palliative care.
We're so delighted that we have been nominated as ABW's chosen charity for 2022 and we're looking forward to working closely together, as we build the future of palliative care for the whole of Ayrshire and Arran, ensuring we can continue to be there for patients, and their families, from diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond."
For further information email president@abw.org.uk or Whatsapp 07368 848 762.