Susan MacKechnie

Mary Kay Cosmetics

I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics. Mary Kay is a global company and my mission is to enrich women's lives. We have been established since 1962 and are among the Top 5 skincare companies in the world. I offer skincare and make-up workshops and parties. I also help people with specific skin problems. My job  includes mentoring, marketing, sales, recruiting, teaching and excellent customer service. I also work with women's groups, to help build confidence, attend corporate events and I offer a bridal make-up service. I am happy to offer AABW members 10% discount on any of my products. My online website is I have customers in Ayrshire but would love to have consultants or indeed, another Scottish director. I am keen to offer our business opportunity to other women.

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Mary Kay Cosmetics
I offer all ABW members a complimentary 10% discount.
Mary Kay Cosmetics
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